Go Nuts!

We know that almonds, like other nuts, are nutritionally dense and a great source of good dietary fat.  The problem is that most of the almonds sold in the markets are coated with sodium or globs of sugar, which tends to undermine their healthy qualities.  There’s a better way to get your almond fix without the unnecessary processing.  I buy 2-pound bags of raw whole almonds from Costco (you can also buy raw almonds from Henry’s, Sprouts, or Trader Joe’s).  They can usually be found in the section with all the baking supplies.  They come in plastic bags.  Avoid the the salted almonds that Costco also sells which come in plastic containers.

If you are a true nut freak, you can eat them raw.  I love the taste of roasted almonds, however, so I give my almonds a heat bath before eating them.  Just put them in a flat tray, set your oven to “roast” at 375 degrees, and set the timer for 10 minutes.  Let them cool for about 1/2 hour, and they will come out perfectly roasted and crunchy.

Remember though, that all good things should be taken in moderation.  Almonds are nutritionally dense, but they are also calorie dense (160 calories per ounce).  I usually have a handful in the morning or in the evening as a healthy snack.  Do not munch on almonds like potato chips.  Healthy foods can make you fat just as easily as the unhealthy crap if you eat too much of them!

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