Shakeology vs. McDonald’s Hamburger Happy Meal

Greenberry ShakeologyShakeology vs. McDonald’s Hamburger Happy Meal

This is a first in a series of head-to head comparisons between a single serving of Shakeology meal replacement shake and some common food items.  The winner will be determined by the three C’s—calories, content, and cost.  As we progress, you’ll see that gram per gram, and dollar per dollar, Shakeology demolishes just about anything out there that is edible.  Its potent blend of superfoods such as Açai, quinoa, sacha inchi, goji berry, camu-camu, ashwagandha, pomagranate, grape seed, green tea, and yacon root cannot be beat.Shakeology vs. McDonald's Happy Meal

The first contender is the ubiquitous McDonald’s Hamburger Happy Meal with a small soft drink.  Really, it’s not even close.  If I had substituted a Big Mac or Chicken Nuggets, the comparison would have been even uglier for Micky D’s because the calories and fat content are off the charts.  The only thing the Happy Meal has going for it is its cheapness.  But, what are you really paying for—630 nutrition-free calories, 20 g of fat, and a whopping 690 mg of sodium?  It would have been healthier and possibly more nutritious to just eat the wrapper it came in.  Since I’m feeling a little wicked, I’m going to share a time lapse video of what happens to a McDonald’s hamburger and french fries after being left in the open for over 180 days.

If you’re too busy to watch the video, here’s a full synopsis:  nothing.  That’s right, neither decayed, decomposed, went rancid, got moldy, or did anything that real food should do after being exposed to air for over six months.  The burger and french fries self embalmed.  I don’t even want to know what kind of stuff is in these food items that could be giving them such freakish durability.  I have driven cars that are less resilient than a McDonald’s hamburger.  If you want to put that kind of stuff in your body or the body of a loved one, be my guest.

Otherwise, do something really good for yourself.

By the way, my kids love their Shakeology smoothies and ask for it all the time. As a mom, I feel so much better giving them Shakeology than anything that I can buy at a fast food window. It’s cheaper and faster and WAY more nutritious.

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2 Responses to Shakeology vs. McDonald’s Hamburger Happy Meal

  1. Steve Brunst says:

    Love the article Jade. The comparison is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, a sobering reminder of how are perception of “food” had been manipulated over the years. Thanks for keeping us honest, and for showing us just how easy and cost effective it is to eat healthy.

    • Jade Nuyen says:

      Thanks Steve. Imagine this is what parents are feeding their children. I didn’t have the heart to do the comparison with their Regular size combo meals! It would have been too gruesome. Standby for more comparisons.