What the Heck Is a PreBiotic and Why Is It in Shakeology?

Shakeology and prebioticsThis may seem like an icky thought, but you have bacteria living in your intestines.   Some of them could make you sick.  However, many bacteria are the friendly types that actually help you.  The good ones prevent the bad ones and yeast from growing out of hand in your intestinal tract.  They also help you digest food, manufacture vitamin K, and keep your immune system working in top condition.  Most of the time, the good bacteria outnumbers the bad.  However, factors such as antibacterial therapy, stress, poor eating habits, and lack of dietary fiber can tip the balance in favor of the bad bacteria, resulting in their overgrowth.  Bacterial imbalance has been linked to yeast infections, irritable bowel syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Prebiotics can help restore the balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract.  They are non-digestible foods high in non-soluble fiber that pass through our digestive system and provide nourishment for good bacteria, which helps them grow and flourish.  Prebiotics keep beneficial bacteria healthy.  They are also commonly known as Synbiotics.  Good nutrition, plus healthy bacteria make for a perfect environment inside the colon where the pathogenic bacteria are kept at a low number.

Just as people need nourishment to thrive, so do bacteria. Healthy bacteria feed on certain nutrients to stay alive, and prebiotics supply them with those nutrients. Prebiotics is a term applied to foods that contain nutrients, enzymes and other things needed to keep the intestinal environment hospitable to friendly bacteria.   In contrast, sugar is known to keep unhealthy bacteria living and thriving in the body.

You don’t have to look far and wide to find a good source of prebiotics because the creators of Shakeology have already done this for you.   Every serving of Shakeology includes prebiotics-rich superfoods such as pea fiber and Yacon root.  Yacon root is a tasty, potato-like vegetable found in Peru. Historically, Peruvians have used Yacon root to lower blood sugar in those with diabetes and to improve digestion.  These folks are on to something great, because scientific research has shown that Yacon root is a rich source of fructooligosaccharides, and has antioxidant, anti-microbial, blood sugar lowering, and liver protecting properties. Yacon root can be eaten raw, and is sweet with a slight ginger taste to it.  Although sweet, it doesn’t affect your blood sugar level because it is believed Yacon root stores carbohydrates in the form of insulin and not starch.

By the way, if you were to try to purchase prebiotics on their own to supplement your diet, expect to pay serious $$$ because prebiotics is on the cutting edge of nutritional science.

We know that total health comes from eating the most healthy and nutritious foods.  It’s more than just nutrition, however.  It’s also about keeping the helpful little guys in your system happy and well fed as well.

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