Shakeology v. Starbucks Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino

Shakeology v. Starbucks

Chocolate ShakeologyYeah, I know it’s almost unfair to compare Shakeology to a coffee beverage, but bear with me because I’m trying to make a point. This is directed at my friends who complain that Shakeology is too expensive. Many of these same friends think nothing about their daily “Starbucks runs.” They know every single Starbucks location within fifteen minutes of home or work. They sometimes go twice a day, morning and afternoon.

It’s no secret that Starbucks is not cheap, but what are you getting for your money? A 400+ calorie bomb that takes up a huge chunk of your daily recommended intake. Loads of sugar. Loads of fat and dietary cholesterol if you take cream. Loads of processed carbs. No real vitamins, minerals, or nutrients to speak of. A pinch of protein.

This may be a good thing to some people, but all you are getting for your money is a fix for your caffeine addiction. You’ll definitely feel better afterwards as the caffeine floods your brain and the sugar pumps through your bloodstream, but that sense of euphoria will crash and you’ll be looking for another dose in no time. If you don’t think it’s an addiction, then denial is not just a river in Africa.

By the way, I chose the Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino for the comparison because it is one of the most popular Starbucks beverages. It comes in three sizes. The nutritional information is taken directly from Starbuck’ own website for the 16 oz. (medium) version with whipped cream (hold the cream and the calorie count goes down by over a hundred). The comparison is still valid for just about anything that appears on a Starbucks menu. If you don’t mind paying $4 for a coffee beverage, then don’t tell me that Shakeology is too expensive, unless you want one of my patented dirty looks.

On the other hand, for the same about of money or less, you could be drinking a premium meal replacement shake that nourishes your body, provides a good measure of most essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, helps you overcome cravings, controls your appetite, is completely natural, doesn’t mess with your brain’s chemical balance, and TASTES DELICIOUS. Instead of faking your brain into thinking that it has energy by dosing you with happy drugs, Shakeology gives you real energy by providing your body with everything that it needs to function at its best.

I know people who make mocha shakes by mixing Chocolate Shakeology with coffee. They tell me it’s fantastic, but I haven’t tried it personally. I suppose if you’ve got to have your caffeine rush, then make it as nutritious as possible, right? I only recommend fruit, fresh or frozen. Chocolate and strawberries sounds good right now.
Shakeology v. Starbucks

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