Brazil Butt Lift Results

brazil butt lift before and after galleryBrazil Butt Lift Results: Real Before and After Photos

Wondering if Brazil Butt Lift will give you real results? Check out the before and after gallery of women who lifted their booty doing this home exercise program.

It’s really a sad reflection on society that when I mention that I’m doing the Brazil Butt Lift, people automatically assume I’m undergoing a surgical procedure. They usually give me a odd look and then I realize once again that I have been misunderstood.

For the record everyone, Brazil Butt Lift is a workout program, not a type of plastic surgery. I’m so against any form of fakeness or shortcuts that plastic surgery is unthinkable to me. I had no idea that people were getting their booty plumped through surgery until I googled Brazil Butt Lift and found cheesy ads for a bunch of plastic surgeons. I really shouldn’t be surprised but it still amazes me the lengths people would go through to to to look good (other than exercise and eat clean).

Wanna get a round booty the all natural way? Try Brazil Butt Lift the workout. Do you really want to spend thousands of dollars to have someone suck fat out of your butt with a vacuum cleaner? Worse yet, can you imagine sitting on silicone implants for the rest of your life? If you’re willing to take such extreme measures, how about trying working out first.

Not only will you get better results, but you will feel a sense of accomplishment on top of everything else. Nothing that’s worthwhile comes easy, and that includes having a nice bum bum.

Brazil Butt Lift Results Before and After Gallery

Don’t think it’s possible to get the booty of your dreams without the help of a surgeon’s scalpel? Check out the before and after photo gallery of women who have taken the Brazil Butt Lift challenge below.

These are real results from real people who put in the time to do the workout and follow the nutrition guide that comes with the program. I will be doing a full review of Brazil Butt Lift in the future, but for the time being, I can tell you that it is a serious workout. It will activate muscles in your butt that you didn’t know were there. 🙂 I previously discussed other Brazil Butt results here and here.

Michelle's Brazil Butt Lift Results (before and after)

Michelle’s Brazil Butt Lift Results (before and after)

Heather's Brazil Butt Lift results

Heather’s Brazil Butt Lift results

Heather's Brazil Butt Lift results (before and after)

Heather’s Brazil Butt Lift results (before and after)

Heather's Brazil Butt Lift Results

Heather’s Brazil Butt Lift Results

Georgia's Brazil Butt Lift results (before and after)

Georgia’s Brazil Butt Lift results (before and after)

Elizabeth's Brazil Butt Lift results

Elizabeth’s Brazil Butt Lift results

Caterina's Brazil Butt Lift results (before and after)

Caterina’s Brazil Butt Lift results (before and after)

Since its introduction last year, Brazil Butt Lift is one of Beachbody top selling workout programs for a reason. It’s fun, challenging, and it most definitely delivers results.

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3 Responses to Brazil Butt Lift Results

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  2. diana says:

    i just barely started mine today and it was a workout whuch mean i am out of shape can’t wait to see the results in a few months. women out there try it!!lets motavite each other!!!

    • Jade Nuyen says:

      That’s great Diana! : )) I’m soo excited for you. You are going to LOVE the results, I guarantee it!!
      I was in pretty good shape after P90X & P90X Plus when I first started Brazil Butt Lift and I was sore! It’s using muscles that you haven’t targeted before : ). Have you considered joining my Challenge group for fun support & accountability? It’s a great team of like minded people cheering each other on.