Don’t Miss Out on the Special Trial Promotion for Beachbody Challenge Packs!

Start working out right away for almost nothing with a Beachbody Challenge Pack!

Did you see my previous announcement about how you can order a Beachbody Challenge Pack for a trial period? For a limited time only, pay just $14.95 for shipping and handling plus tax to try a Beachbody Challenge Pack that includes Shakeology and one of Beachbody’s three most popular workout programs. What better way to know that you will get results? Try a Challenge Pack for 30 days and if you don’t see results, return the entire pack, no questions asked. If you like it, keep it and pay for the pack after 30 days.

Each Beachbody Challenge Pack includes:

Just pay $14.95 for shipping and handling plus tax today (S&H is nonrefundable). Visit this link for full details. After your first 30 days, you’ll automatically receive and be billed for Shakeology and the benefits of VIP Club. You can cancel at any time.

If you’re ready to begin your fitness journey and want to learn more about the Beachbody Challenge Pack free trial offer, contact me at, or send me a friend request and private message through Facebook. Let’s get the conversation started.

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