Brazil Butt Lift Success Story (Gloria)

Brazil Butt Lift resultsBrazil Butt Lift Results: Women In their 50’s

I’m not yet where Gloria is age wise (will be turning 40 this year), but when when I’m 58, I hope I can rock a body like hers. I previously wrote about Joanna, a woman in her 40’s who had great weight loss and fitness success with Brazil Butt Lift. I’ve since received a few questions about whether Brazil Butt Lift will help women in their 50’s. As seen in the video, the answer is an emphatic “yes” with five exclamation points at the end.  You know, I’ve come to believe that our health has nothing to do with our age. I’m heading into my fourth decade in the best shape of my life. We don’t stop exercising because we get old. We get old because we stop exercising. Repeat after me–30 is not the end of the line. 40 is not the end of the line. 50 is just the beginning. Bring on 60! If I find a video testimonial from someone in their 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, or older, I’m going to be the first to post it.

Create Your Own Success Story with Brazil Butt Lift

Are you ready to regain that girlish figure? Ready to make health and fitness a way of life? Don’t let a another day go by without taking action to regain your vitality. Make Brazil Butt Lift your secret weapon for success. Have fun while working out. Exercise without all the dread and drudgery.

Brazil Butt Lift Will Give You Great Results at Any Age

Brazil Butt Lift doesn’t care how old you are and neither should you. In case you’re wondering, it is a high intensity cardio workout. Expect to sweat a lot. However, most of the moves are low impact. You don’t have to worry about jumping around and messing up your knees and ankles like with other cardio workouts. If anything, you might throw out your hips from all those sexy Brazilian dance moves. I have to say that Gloria’s results are simply amazing. She went from a size 10 all the way down to a size 2. She lost 18 pounds and 7 inches off her waist and developed 6-pack abs. At 58 years old, she has a new-found appreciation for her body thanks to Brazil Butt Lift. Oh, and her Bum Bum is round from every angle and is LIFTED.

Gloria’s story proves once again that it’s never too late to get a firm, lifted Bum Bum. She’s 58 years young and sporting a booty that would make women half her age jealous. Makes me want to keep pressing play! Check out Gloria’s Brazil Butt Lift success video below. Read other posts I previously wrote about Brazil Butt Lift results here, here, and here. To learn more about Brazil Butt Lift and see additional results, visit the official Beachbody Brazil Butt Lift site. Remember to come back here to purchase Brazil Butt Lift.

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  1. patricia says:

    Hi Jade:
    yes I do see a difference by the third week of bbl however, I have been doing a hybrid with bbl and paulne nordn’s butt bible – I found that when I did butt bible back two yrs ago and finished a 6 week challenge my butt was more sculpted because i had more weight on me and now with weightloss of 42 lbs maybe 43 lbs doing the brazillian butt lift – I look forward to the lift- I decided to go back on my rest day with Leandro to butt bible and it was a breeze to go thru – it was over but i wasn’t – I t felt good to be a graduate of butt bible and look forward to being a graduate of brazillian butt lift – I feel the results so far with BBL as far as back of thighs is concerned – can’t wait to see by day 90 or more!