P90X Success Story (Jeremy)

Jeremy’s P90X success story is another one about extreme weight loss. I previously wrote about Richard Neale’s story here.  Jeremy started at 375 pounds. This is only an estimate because home scales don’t usually go past 350 pounds. In total, he lost about 175 pounds during his body transformation. He did this through sheer persistence and a huge dose of consistency. It didn’t all happen for him overnight. He went through six rounds of P90X in order to lose that much weight. Six rounds of P90X in case you’re wondering is eighteen months.

How did Jeremy find the motivation to make the transformation from morbidly obese to ripped? One simple question. A friend asked him if he was worried that another man would have to raise his kids. In Jeremy’s physical condition, this question was not a hypothetical. It had real consequences. Jeremy could not help but see those consequences staring at him. So he started to make a list of all the reasons why he should lose weight and all the reasons why not. Funny thing, the yes list filled up almost two pages while the no list barely amounted to a single paragraph. Jeremy realized for the first time that he was sacrificing all the things he wanted in life, such as being there for his family, for the things that didn’t matter. Checking out of life didn’t seem like such a great deal when compared to all the things he could gain if he started taking care of his health.

The rest is history. After Jeremy lost all the weight, he became a Team Beachbody coach in order to help others achieve their own health transformation. In fact, I think it was Jeremy who coached Richard Neale through losing over 200 pounds. This is what it means to be part of the Beachbody network—people helping other people reach their goals. The products work, but sometimes you just need someone to help you along when you have a hard time seeing the light.

Watch the video below of Jeremy and be prepared to be blown away. If you’re ready to begin your fitness journey, contact me at connectwithjade@gmail.com, or send me a friend request and private message through Facebook. Remember that I will be assigned as your Team Beachbody coach if your order any workout program through my blog. While my transformation story was not nearly as dramatic as Jeremy’s, I still want to share it with you so that you know where I’m coming from.

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