Shakeology Success Story: Stopping Diabetes In Its Tracks

Shakeology and DiabetesShakeology and Diabetes

I wanted to share this video about Shakeology and diabetes because it hit home with me. David’s story really motivates me to keep getting out the message about Shakeology. I’ve been drinking Shakeology for about two years now, and I’m never going to give it up because it has made such a huge difference in my health and well being. I have never felt more energetic and full of well-being.

Even with my super positive experience with Shakeology, David’s account about how it stopped his diabetes in its tracks simply blew me away. It needs to be told because I know so many people who are in David’s situation, including my own mother. David is a paramedic who lived a fast-paced life.

Hectic schedule. Odd work hours. You name it. His job prevented him from eating healthy. He was getting most of his meals from fast food places.

This lifestyle made David lethargic and tired. He never had any energy. He felt as if he was running on empty almost all the time (which he was, considering the stuff he was using to fuel his body). A visit with his doctor gave David a wake up call. The doctor told him that he was diabetic. The thought of injecting himself with insulin for the rest of his life filled David with dread. He simply did not want to live that way. He did not want to resign himself to diabetes as a way of life.

Unlike most people, David took action. He started drinking Shakeology. Here’s the amazing part—in the first week of daily Shakeology use, his blood sugar level went from a high of 240-320 to just 120-140. A drop of over 100%. That’s better than what most drugs can do.

Shakeology restored David’s vitality and he is now able to live a more healthy lifestyle that includes physical activities such as swimming and playing with his nieces and nephews. The specter of diabetes and a lifetime of insulin injections is no longer a part of David’s future thanks to Shakeology. Check out David’s inspiring story in the video below.

My Mother’s Experience with Shakeology and Diabetes

I said at the beginning that my mother faced similar circumstances after a checkup with her doctor over a year ago. The doctor told her that she was pre-diabetic. My mother started drinking Shakeology like David did, modified her diet to reduce sugar, and exercised more regularly. Since then, she has received a clean bill of health from her doctor who was simply amazed that my mother was able to turn things around so quickly. The doctor said that most people, even when diagnosed with something as serious and life altering as diabetes, still are unable or unwilling to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle. They simply resign themselves to diabetes without making any effort to change.

This is unbelievably sad because the most common form of diabetes is 100% preventable. It’s a disease that comes about because of lifestyle choices. David, my mother, and so many other people have discovered that by just drinking Shakeology every day, they can prevent the onset diabetes. I’ve written about how doctors are using Shakeology to improve their own health here.

This is why I love being a Team Beachbody coach. It is not just about fitness and having a toned body, it is about helping people feel better and get healthier with products I totally believe in. It’s about representing a company that is doing something about the crazy downward spiral of obesity that is gripping our country and the world.

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  1. Ally says:

    I just was diagnosed with type 2. I hate myself for it. I also have gastroparesis so I have been sensitive to dairy meat etc. hoping some almond milk and my chocolate vegan shakeology can give me a kick in the buns. Any tips for shakeology. Do you think I should do vegan or regular. If almond milk doesn’t stay down should I try water as my liquid. Please respond if possible. Shakeology is my primary nutrition (we’re talking 80%) if I can get it to work.