Chat Live with Leandro Carvalho, Creator of Brazil Butt Lift!

Leandro CarvalhoHere’s a chance to hear from the man himself! Leandro has created a movement of toned and sculpted bum bums with his awesome program, Brazil Butt Lift. The results are amazing!

If you are using this workout then you definitely want to plug in. I love his positive energy, and infectious smile : )

Considering getting in on the Brazil Butt Lift action? Let me tell you it will be the best decision you’ve ever made! I simply won’t miss a day of it, so let’s chat if you’re ready to get back in shape!

If you have additional questions about Brazil Butt Lift, contact me at or send me a Facebook private message. Let’s get the conversation started.

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You know the people who tell you that life goes downhill after 40, or after you've had children? They're full of crap. I prove it to myself every single day that life begins after 40 and you don't have to accept being a frumpy out of shape mom as a lifestyle.
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One Response to Chat Live with Leandro Carvalho, Creator of Brazil Butt Lift!

  1. Zina says:

    I would like to contact leandro directly by email. I’ve bought the program already but I have a few concerns I would like to ask him about
    Thank you