Les Mills PUMP Rocks!

Real Women Love to Iron

Real Women Love Iron

Time to raise the bar! Pushing Play with Les Mills PUMP: Pump Revolution!

I remember meeting a woman in her late 60s at the resort gym in AZ that trained with weights like a warrior!! She had a strong, toned physique with beautiful silver hair. Loved it!!

She certainly inspired me to train for life!

Real Women Train With Iron! Start today and you will be happy you didn’t waste another week, month or year when you look back. Kia Kaha!! : )

If you have additional questions about Les Mills PUMP, contact me at connectwithjade@gmail.com or send me a Facebook private message. Let’s get the conversation started.

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You know the people who tell you that life goes downhill after 40, or after you've had children? They're full of crap. I prove it to myself every single day that life begins after 40 and you don't have to accept being a frumpy out of shape mom as a lifestyle.
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