Les Mills Body Pump DVD Workouts: An Overview

Les Mills Body Pump DVD workoutsIntroducing the Les Mills Body Pump DVD Workouts

If you’re a Les Mills Body Pump fan, you’re going to love this news, because your favorite gym workout program is now available in DVD format.

The Les Mills Body Pump DVD workouts have all of the same things that you love about the in-gym system: barbell based weight training, high intensity, motivating training style, and up tempo music. They also produce the same results. Tired of paying the monthly gym dues but still want to get your Body Pump fix? Consider this at-home DVD workout program (BTW, the DVD workout system is called “Les Mills Pump“).

I’ve not written a comprehensive evaluation of Les Mills Body Pump DVD workout routines, but that project is planned. For now, I will say without hesitation that if your goal is to drop unwanted fat as fast as possible in as little time as you can (90 days), then Les Mills Pump gets my full recommendation. I’ve done both Les Mills Pump and P90X, and in my opinion, Les Mills Pump beats out P90X when it comes to getting the most bang for your workout time. If melting fat off your body is your primary consideration, you have to give Les Mills Pump a try. This DVD workout system will do the job fast.

What Are the Les Mills Body Pump DVD Workouts?

All the Les Mills Pump trainers claim that it truly is the fastest method for getting into shape. Whether you’re a newbie or a returning fitness enthusiast, Les Mills Pump will work for you. Based upon my personal experience of using the the Les Mills Pump DVD workout system, I completely agree with this claim. Its combination of cardio and resistance training is unbeatable.

This post is meant to introduce you to the various workouts which are integrated with Les Mills Pump. For those who have completed other workout programs developed by Beachbody, you understand that they typically stick to a specific format. For example, certain workouts are completed in specific phases. When a phase is completed, the workouts change.

Les Mills Pump doesn’t follow this format completely. Although it has phases, there isn’t any abrupt transition from one phase to the next. Instead, Les Mills Pump progressively introduces new workouts of escalating difficulty to the calendar.

Les Mills Pump features an introductory phase where you are going to gradually learn to adjust to the moves in the workouts. In fact, the introductory training is even more in-depth than what is offered at Body Pump classes.

Gradually, new workouts, one tougher than the previous, are added to your workout calendar till you get to the final phase of the program. The final workouts are incredibly challenging.

Les Mills Pump is also different from other Beachbody workout programs because you will do similar resistance workouts several times during the week. Every workout targets all the key muscle groups of your body, so you won’t have leg days or chest days, etc. Except for Hardcore Abs, there are no workouts which isolates a specific part of your body.

The Les Mills Body Pump DVD Workouts Overview

Each and every Les Mills Pump workout kit consists of the 7 fat melting workouts discussed below. These workouts will even develop lean muscle at the same time that they shred fat.

Pump Challenge. Start working your muscles with basic weight training moves which will produce visible results fast. This brief (only 20 minutes) routine is your introduction to the Les Mills Pump barbell training method. Like me, this may possibly be the very first time that you are undertaking exercises such as squats, lunges, clean and presses, which use the barbell. Do not let the short length of the workout fool you. It is possible to really feel the burn inside 2o minutes.

Pump and Burn. Feel even more burn with compound exercises that hits several muscle groups to torch fat and calories. The larger the burn, the larger the results. This workout will test your endurance. 30 minutes may not appear like lots of time to workout, but you’ll no doubt feel each and every single minute of Pump and Burn because the pace is unrelenting.

Pump and Shred. Start dropping fat while you develop even more endurance with every repetition. All through the Les Mills Body Pump workouts, you are going to hear about the REP EFFECT. With 45 minutes of non-stop pumping, pressing, and pulling, the REP EFFECT is in the house with Pump and Shred.

Pump Revolution. Drive your heart rate up with fast tempos and huge moves like presses and lunges. This workout is calorie burning and muscle developing at its very best. Even though it is not the longest Les Mills Pump workout at 55 minutes, Pump Revolution is probably the most hard hitting because of its insane pace. It’s going to require each and every ounce of willpower to finish this workout at the pace the trainers set.

Pump Extreme. Weights will not be the only thing lifted in this workout, as you’ll concentrate on intensity and targeted muscle training. If you do not suffer muscle failure at least one time throughout Pump Extreme, you are not doing it right. In Pump Extreme, all of the Les Mills Pump trainers work together as a team in order to push you beyond your limits. I feel that Pump Revolution is slightly more difficult than Pump Extreme due to its ridiculous pace. This is not to say Pump Extreme is easy, because it’s not. It is an exciting full body routine that will leave you feeling sore all over.

Flow. Enhance your flexibility, reduce soreness, and improve your alignment as you stretch and lengthen your whole body from head to toe. Flow is a 20 minutes yoga based workout that gives your muscles an opportunity to rest and recover. You might feel sore and tired coming into this workout, but you’ll come out feeling refreshed and prepared to take on more Les Mills Pump.

Hardcore Abs. Every Les Mills Pump workout incorporates moves to target your abs. Once per week, they are going to get their very own workout routine. Hardcore Abs is going to chisel out your core and define your back with moves that hit your muscles from every angle. It is a 360-degree workout  for the whole midsection.

Pump Basics. With this 10 minute introductory DVD, you’ll learn how you can assemble your barbell, adjust your weights, and practice correct grip and stance techniques in order to get the most out of the Les Mills Pump workout system. You’ll also see for the first time how crazy motivating the Les Mills Pump trainers are.

The Les Mills Pump Deluxe DVD Workouts

If you get the Les Mills Pump Deluxe kit, you’ll get all of the DVD workouts discussed above as well as 3 additional sports-inspired cardio workouts to boost your metabolism.

Les Mills Step. This 30 minute workout will melt fat and create peak cardio fitness with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). All the moves are done on a step, so it’s an incredibly effective yet compact workout. Get a super intense step workout in less time than it takes to drive to the gym.

Sports Attack. Ideal for when you want fantastic cardio conditioning without needing to blow out you joints with high impact moves. The majority of the moves in this routine are lower impact, but will nonetheless challenge you with sports drills that will allow you to train like an athlete.

Combat. Put your calorie burn machine into overdrive as you strike, punch, and kick your way to a toned body. Bring your fighting spirit to this total-body conditioning workout. Combat clocks in at an aggressive 45 minutes, but you will not notice the time simply because you’ll spend all your energy trying to keep up with this martial arts based cardio workout.

The Les Mills Pump Bonus DVD Workout

Les Mills CORE. This workout puts a new spin on your ab workout by incorporating moves like leg lifts, scissor kicks, and triple cross crawls. It also strengthens and sculpts your back from all angles. Using the latest in core training principles, this 360-degree workout targets all of the muscles of the abs—upper, lower, and obliques—in just 20 minutes. Les Mills Core is offered as a separate purchase, but if you order any Les Mills Pump workout program from a Beachbody coach like me, this Bonus DVD is your FREE gift.

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