Don’t Limit Your Challenges. Challenge Your Limits!


Don’t Limit Your Challenges. Challenge Your Limits!

It’s time to Challenge My Limits by breaking my record with Les Mills PUMP Revolution baby!!

Today will be my second attempt with 70 lbs. on the squats & lunges track : ).

Yeah- I did it with 60 lbs. so I upped it to 65 lbs.

I’ve been getting stronger, and now it’s time to give it another Push!!!

70 lbs. is not a limitation, it’s just another number.

Nothing is going to stop me from meeting my personal goals, because I won’t quit.

Keep Going!

Never Stop Trying To Improve Yourself.

Have Fun & Make Yourself Proud! Kia Kaha!

Ready to start your fitness journey? Let me help you.

If you have additional questions about Les Mills PUMP, contact me at or send me a Facebook private message. Let’s get the conversation started.

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