Shakeology Results: Stops Sugar Cravings

How to Stop Sugar Cravings with Shakeology

Shakeology and how to stop sugar cravingsIf you’re looking for ways on how to stop sugar cravings, give Shakeology a try. In this video, Heather discusses how drinking Shakeology has eliminated her cravings for sugar. This is hilarious, but she used to be a “cereal addict,” specifically Lucky Charms (yuk!). She admits that her craving for cereal was because she was addicted to sugar, a point I would agree with, because most cereals marketed at kids are loaded with sugar, and that is why I never let my kids near the stuff.

So after trying Shakeology, Heather noticed that her cravings went away. They were replaced with a greater desire to eat healthier foods. This is not the only benefit Heather got out of Shakeology. She also lowered her cholesterol. On top of that, Shakeology helped her shed stomach stomach fat.

Heather joked that she used to be the person who had to suck in her stomach in photographs, but now, she can stand tall because her tummy is naturally flat from drinking Shakeology. Nice! I can relate with that.

Watch Heather’s Testimonial Video About How Shakeology Stopped Her Craving for Sweetened Cereal

One of the selling points that Beachbody makes is that Shakeology will curb your cravings for sugar and fatty foods. Like Heather, I would agree with this claim because I experienced it myself. I’ve been drinking Shakeology regularly now for about ten months and have experienced similar results. For instance, I used to be a chocolate junkie. My weakness was Chocolate truffles. If I got my hands on a box, I could eat the entire box on my own in one sitting without really thinking about it. Even though I knew it wasn’t good for me, I could not stop myself. Of course, I would feel awful afterwards about my lack of self control.

After I started drinking Shakeology, however, the need or desire to eat my favorite junk food went away. Several months ago, a friend gave me a box of chocolate truffles knowing how much I loved them. The funny thing is that several months later, that box was still sitting in my kitchen cupboard, unopened. Previously, it would have been devoured in an hour. Did I suddenly acquire super human power of self control? No, I simply lost the desire to eat sugary stuff. I don’t want to tell my friend this, but that box of truffles wound up being tossed in the trash bin if you can believe that.

The only thing that really changed for me was the addition of Shakeology into my daily nutrition plan. That’s why I can say with confidence that Shakeology helps to stop sugar cravings in their tracks. I can give other examples, but that stupid box of chocolate truffles was probably the most stark evidence of my new found control over my cravings.

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