Shakeology Success Story (Lowering Cholesterol)

Drinking Shakeology Can Help You Lower Your Cholesterol Level

Shakeology can lower cholesterol levelDebra’ fitness journey started the same way as many other people’s. When she reached a certain milestone, she decided that she did not like where here life was going, and the downward slope her health and fitness was heading. In Debra’s case, she turned 30 (I turned 40 this years, and 30 seems so young :)). In her words, she didn’t want to have another birthday where she felt unhappy, lazy, and lacking confidence. She understood that life could be and should so much better than this, and she deserved more than what she was settling with. She knew that she could be more.

Unlike most other people, however, Debra did something about her situation. She took action. Instead of sinking into a pool of despair at where her life had ended, or checking out completely, she started looking for answers and solutions instead of excuses. She found two things that made a difference: regular exercise with a Beachbody home fitness program and Shakeology.

Through hard work and consistency, Debra was able to drop over 43 pounds since starting her fitness journey. More importantly, she developed a sense of vitality and well being from drinking Shakeology every day. She dropped her cholesterol level by 69 points. In the process, she discovered the most important thing about being healthy and fit. It matters less what you look on the outside than how you feel on the inside. If you feel great on the inside, the rest will take care of itself.

This echos my own sentiments. When I began to work out over two years ago, the only thing that I cared about was changing my physical appearance. Soon, however, I realized that feeling great was a better reason to workout regularly than trying to change my looks. Feeling great makes me look great.

That’s why I will continue to drink Shakeology for a long, long time. I don’t see myself stopping, unless Beachbody decides one day to stop offering it (please never let this happen). I love the benefits it has given me, and the feeling of vitality and well being that I experience every day. Lowering my cholesterol level is a huge bonus, too.

Check Out This Video of the Dramatic Results Debra Achieved With Shakeology, Including Lowering her Cholesterol Level

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