Where Can You Order Brazil Butt Lift?

What’s the Best Place to Order Brazil Butt Lift?

Where can I Order Brazil Butt LiftHere. Through my blog. 🙂 There are several ways to purchase Brazil Butt Lift: 1) catch its infomercial on TV and use the toll-free telephone number; 2) order directly from Beachbody’s Brazil Butt Lift site; or 3) get it through a Team Beachbody coach like me.

Why is Ordering Brazil Butt Lift through a Team Beachbody Coach Such a Great Deal?

FREE Coaching and Accountability. As a Team Beachbody coach, it’s my job to help you succeed with Brazil Butt Lift. I have personally completed the program, so I know it very well. If you order through my blog, I will be assigned as your Team Beachbody coach. I will be a direct resource for you if you have any questions about the workouts, the nutrition plan, or if you just need some encouragement.

Although I don’t get paid to coach you, I take my job seriously because it’s my mission to help as many people as possible to achieve their fitness goals. I run challenge groups on Facebook where you can receive encouragement and motivation from other folks who are also on the same fitness journey. You can also contact me via email at connectwithjade@gmail.com. I will even make my telephone number available to you in case you want to talk to a live person.

You will not get the same level of support elsewhere. If you order Brazil Butt Lift through the infomercial or through Beachbody, you will probably be assigned a random coach who may not know anything about the program because he/she has never completed it.

In my experience, getting a knowledgeable person to help you with a new fitness program will double your chance of success. If you’re just starting your fitness journey, stack the deck in your favor by getting me as your personal Brazil Butt Lift coach.

Only Place to Get a Challenge Pack. Want the best, most complete fitness deal? A Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack is the only way to go. A Challenge Pack is the total package, offering integrated support and nutrition for achieving your health and fitness goals.  Each Challenge Pack includes the Brazil Butt Lift home fitness program, PLUS your first 30-day supply of Shakeology delivered through Home Direct (Team Beachbody’s autoship program that ensures timely delivery of Shakeology to your doorstep every month), PLUS a FREE 30-day trial membership in the Team Beachbody Club, where you’ll find all the support you’ll need, including meal planning, to complete your Beachbody Challenge.

You’ll save about $35 over the cost of purchasing Brazil Butt Lift and Shakeology separately. Additionally, the Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack comes with FREE shipping for the initial order, as well as free shipping for each subsequent month’s supply of Shakeology.

Because Shakeology is only available through Team Beachbody coaches, the Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack, which comes with Shakeology, is likewise only available through Team Beachbody coaches.

Bonus workout DVD. When you order Brazil Butt Lift through my blog, you’ll receive an additional Bonus workout DVD, Leandro’s Secret Weapon Workout (a $19.95 value). This Bonus workout is only available through the Team Beachbody coaching network. Customers who purchase Brazil Butt Lift through other channels will not receive this bonus DVD workout for free. It is my thank you gift to you for your support.

Same Money Back Guarantee. The Brazil Butt Lift workout program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your results, or for any reason you’re unhappy with Brazil Butt Lift, you can return the program and receive a full refund (less S&H). Beachbody has earned the coveted A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for its commitment to customer service and satisfaction. You can feel secure knowing that you’re dealing with a company that prides itself on its integrity and its ability to deliver products which work like they’re supposed to.

Support Small Business. With your order of Brazil Butt Lift, you can feel good about supporting small businesses owners like me. Your purchase helps support this blog, which helps me support my family, which makes the whole world go round 🙂

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Not ready to order but want to know more? Contact me at connectwithjade@gmail.com or send me a Facebook private message. Let’s get the conversation started.

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One Response to Where Can You Order Brazil Butt Lift?

  1. Veronica Way says:

    I am not good at doing the techniques and just following a video myself. I was wondering if for this sort of program there would be a more hands on approach training, classes, but affordable. This might just be a shot in the dark. I have struggled so much in my weight so I Am definitely skeptical. I was 105 pounds and in a year in a half went up to 175 pounds due to anxiety. I really need something that would work for me and I love the idea of the Brazilian butt lift because of what damage gaining the weight has done to my butt. Please let me know maybe if there are classes for this. Thanks. – Veronica – p.S. if this helps I do currently diet through atkins diet if this matters or affects anything, well it does give some less energy but I don’t mind pushing myself if it is worth it.