You Have To Expect Things Of Yourself Before You Can Do Them!


“You Have To Expect Things Of Yourself Before You Can Do Them”. Michael Jordan

True! This is a critical first step.

You have to have a clear vision of your dream goals.

What would achieving those goals mean to you?

How would you feel about yourself?

What will you be able to do differently once you’ve achieved your goals?

What new doors would you open rather than avoid?

How would you celebrate the new you?

Go ahead, put all those details down on paper. Create a dream board of how your life will be ; )

Great! Now that you have created vivid details of what you expect of yourself, you’re ready to start your journey. Let’s get started. Let’s live your best life Now!!

I expect to be at my new goals by June and I know how I will achieve them!

I will help you get to yours. ; )

About Jade Nuyen

You know the people who tell you that life goes downhill after 40, or after you've had children? They're full of crap. I prove it to myself every single day that life begins after 40 and you don't have to accept being a frumpy out of shape mom as a lifestyle.
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