Sexy and Youthful Tips for Fill & Freeze!!!

Give Yourself a Face Lift with Derm Exclusive Fill & Freeze

I love my Derm Exclusive skin care line. I’ve been using it daily for almost nine months now, and it’s done wonders for my skin, which hasn’t been so smooth and supple for a long time. I thought that after turning 40, my skin was down for the count, but Derm Exclusive has given it new life (and lift). I don’t feel 40, and the nice thing is that my skin doesn’t betray my age.

Fill & Freeze Magic

Fill and Freeze comes with every Derm Exclusive kit. It helps to smooth out the areas around your eyes by “plumping up” the wrinkles. I’m going to share with you today something I stumbled on by accident last night.

For the last few weeks, I got lax about using Fill & Freeze on a daily basis. The “plumping” effect can last for more than a day, so you don’t necessarily need to use it all the time. Plus, I don’t like how the gel causes my eye makeup to cake up. Long story short, I had a nice extra supply of Fill & Freeze.

Before going to bed last night, I had a crazy inspiration. What would happen if I applied Fill & Freeze over my entire face and neck? I had enough extra gel to get it done, so why not?

The results? OMG!!! This morning my face looks like I’ve just come back from the spa & had a face lift!!! Woohoo ; )

My skin looks luscious, smooth and unbelievably dewy!

Fill & Freeze has taken years off of my appearance in just one night. Instead of just my laugh lines and crows’ feet, it has smoothed out my face, neck, decolletage. You can never have too smooth skin I always say.

I’m not sure if Beachbody recommends Fill & Freeze for this purpose, but for special occasions, it might be worth it.

You know what I’m thinking now right girlfriends? Yes! Those special occasion bare legs needs this treatment. Better yet!! I’m gonna test it for those Bum Bum areas! That’s right! It will do wonders with the dimpling around the booty.

Think outside the box ; ). And I’ll keep you posted on my Bum Bum experiment!! Cannot wait ; ).
Gosh I’m not going to be able to live without this magic gel now ….. You gotta check it out!! ; )


To order Derm Exclusive, visit this site or click on the link below. Order through my blog and you will receive a second Fill & Freeze Wrinkle Treatment Pen for FREE (a $22 value). Your independent network of Team Beachbody coaches is one of the few channels where you can purchase Derm Exclusive, as it is not available in stores.

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