How Can You Benefit from a Vegan Cleanse?

how can you benefit from a vegan cleanse Bring Back Greater Vitality and Well Being Into Your Life with a Vegan Cleanse

You probably found this article because you were looking for more information about the latest diet craze, the vegan cleanse.

Let me start by saying that I’m not into fad diets. I’m into sensible eating, which includes real food. I don’t think diets work because they cause you to feel deprived, which in turn causes you to revert to bad habits once you are off the diet.

Having said that, I do think that there is a time and a place for something like a vegan cleanse, but only if it is a well designed one which includes a well balanced and holistic approach to food. Unfortunately, many do not.

A few months ago, I did a vegan cleanse using the kit offered by Beachbody (the makers of Shakeology). They call it the Ultimate Reset. I got amazing results with this cleanse, dropping about 6 pounds of fat in 21 days. I haven’t written about my experience because I wanted to makes sure that the weight loss wasn’t a fluke, and that the results really had staying power. I’m happy to say that after six months, the weight has stayed off. I didn’t experience any yo-yo effect at all that is common with most diet programs.
Check out this video on the Ultimate Reset:

The whole process was an eye opening experience for me. I had a fairly healthy diet beforehand (or so I thought), but going through the vegan cleanse took it to a whole different level. I ate better than I ever did before.

This is what I want to emphasize—the Ultimate Reset is NOT a starvation diet. In fact, it’s not actually a diet at all because you will be eating real food the whole time. For some people, it would be the first time that they will not be eating anything processed for an extended period of time.

How Did a Vegan Cleanse Help Me?

This may sound strange coming from someone who has been eating for over 41 years, but one of the biggest benefits I got from the Ultimate Reset was knowing what, when, and how to eat. Proper nutrition is what most people struggle with, me included. The Ultimate Reset’s comprehensive meal plans with recipes made things ridiculously simple.

I learned about correct portions and the right timing for eating. I also learned about preparing food using the best, most wholesome ingredients. At the end, I was able to reclaim my natural taste buds because I got used to eating unsweetened and unsalted foods. I have pretty much lost any cravings for sugary or salty foods.

More energy and mental clarity. I was already healthy and fit beforehand, but the Ultimate Reset enhanced my natural feeling of well being. It’s hard to put into words, but I felt “lighter and more whole.” I felt so good that I continued to maintain the meal plan for over six months because I was almost addicted to the sensation of feeling good.

No More Digestive Problems. I’m notorious for having digestion and bowel problems. It’s an understatement to say that I’m not the most regular person. However, that problem went away for good when I learned to eat food that my body could more easily absorb and eliminate.

Fat Loss. One of the reasons our body holds on to fat is because fat helps to absorb toxins. When we release our bodies of toxins through a cleansing process, so too goes the fat. That was exactly what I experienced. I dropped over six pounds of stubborn fat along my waistline and they haven’t been able to stage a comeback yet.

Better understanding of wellness. The vegan cleanse helped me “tune in” to my body’s natural state of health by releasing toxins. I know better now exactly what I really need to feel great.

Elimination of chemical additives from my system. Because I was eating whole foods for 21 days which were self-prepared, I didn’t allow any chemical additives enter my system. It was liberating not to eat anything processed. When you undergo this type of transformation, you quickly realize how disgusting and unhealthy processed foods are, and you learn to avoid them.

Physical healing. I work out at least six days each week. While I enjoy pushing myself, it was nice to have an extended break where I didn’t do any strenuous exercise. This allowed me body to completely heal, so when I started working out again, I was able to do so with renewed strength. In a few weeks, I was back at my previous levels of performance and even saw improvements in some areas.

My friend Christy recently went through the Ultimate Reset. See her results below. Even though she was already in amazing shape beforehand, you can still see noticeable differences in her body composition. Just goes to show that this program can help anyone. If this cleanse can help someone like Christy, just image what it can do for you.

Christy's Ultimate Reset vegan cleanse resultsThe Ultimate Reset Is Not Just for Vegans

The Ultimate Reset kit is flexible in that you don’t have to go “full vegan” like I did. In the first two weeks, you can eat animal protein such as fish, chicken, and eggs. It’s only in the last two weeks that you are eating a vegetarian diet. If veganism isn’t your thing, it’s okay because you have other options.

I do recommend trying at least once.

I hope this article has been helpful. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

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