Beachbody Challenge Packs-FREE 30-Day Trial Offer

Don’t Miss this Chance to Try a Beachbody Challenge Pack for 30 Days for FREE If you’ve been on the fence about getting a Beachbody workout program such as P90X, TurboFire, or Brazil Butt Lift, this offer is directed straight at you. You have no more excuses because for a … Continue reading

Father’s Day, Father’s Way: 6 Great Gifts for 6 Great Dads

By Collette DeBenetello There are certain moments in life that stay with you forever. The first time you threw a baseball, the first time you rode a bike, the first time you went camping in the great outdoors—and the s’mores that went with them . . . mmm . . … Continue reading

Tasty Snacks Under 100 Calories

Believe it or not, Chocolate covered strawberries can be a healthy snack (if you use dark chocolate). Eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated or boring! Here are 30 easy-to-prepare snacks, each under 100 calories, that will keep your tastebuds happy. I’m always looking for ideas like these because I … Continue reading

Improve Your Pullups with the Chinup Max

I can’t tell you how excited I am about the ChinUp Max!!  This thing is a real game changer if you’re looking to improve your pullups.  If you’re still having a hard time doing pullups with good form, the ChinUp Max will blow the doors open for you.  With all the crazy … Continue reading

Foam Rolling: Your Tight Muscles’ Best Friend

By Dr. Mark Cheng, L.Ac., Ph.D., Sr RKC, FMS faculty One of the biggest obstacles for a new fitness enthusiast to overcome is the soreness that comes with using muscles that haven’t been used in decades. During infancy, we’re learning to fire muscles all over the place. As we grow, … Continue reading

Go Nuts!

We know that almonds, like other nuts, are nutritionally dense and a great source of good dietary fat.  The problem is that most of the almonds sold in the markets are coated with sodium or globs of sugar, which tends to undermine their healthy qualities.  There’s a better way to get your almond fix without … Continue reading