Shakeology Success Story (Lowering Cholesterol)

Drinking Shakeology Can Help You Lower Your Cholesterol Level Debra’ fitness journey started the same way as many other people’s. When she reached a certain milestone, she decided that she did not like where here life was going, and the downward slope her health and fitness was heading. In Debra’s … Continue reading

Shakeology Success Story: Stopping Diabetes In Its Tracks

Shakeology and Diabetes

Shakeology and Diabetes I wanted to share this video about Shakeology and diabetes because it hit home with me. David’s story really motivates me to keep getting out the message about Shakeology. I’ve been drinking Shakeology for about two years now, and I’m never going to give it up because … Continue reading

P90X Success Story (Jeremy)

Jeremy’s P90X success story is another one about extreme weight loss. I previously wrote about Richard Neale’s story here.  Jeremy started at 375 pounds. This is only an estimate because home scales don’t usually go past 350 pounds. In total, he lost about 175 pounds during his body transformation. He … Continue reading

Brazil Butt Lift Success Story (Gloria)

Brazil Butt Lift Results: Women In their 50’s I’m not yet where Gloria is age wise (will be turning 40 this year), but when when I’m 58, I hope I can rock a body like hers. I previously wrote about Joanna, a woman in her 40’s who had great weight … Continue reading

Brazil Butt Lift Success (Joanna)

Brazil Butt Lift Results: Women In their 40’s Joanna in the video, like many of us, used to think that middle age is the end of the line when it comes to health and fitness. We can only expect the worse from there. How many times have we been told … Continue reading

Insanity Success Story (Elizabeth)

Wow! Another Insanity Success story to write about. I LOVE them! These are some of my favorite posts. I get inspired and motivated sharing stories about how other people achieved the body of their dreams through a Beachbody program like Insanity because I know from my own experience that they … Continue reading

Are You Still In Your Comfort Zone?

You know what I’m talking about. You’re whistling through your workouts. Humming while you lift. Daydreaming as you go through the motions. What you’re not doing is giving your very best. Not pushing past the burn. Not throwing it on the floor. You’re safely in your comfort zone. You work … Continue reading

Good Running Form: Posture

Another great video from the Good Running Form series. Yeah, I know they are produced to sell running shoes, but I have to admit that the information is still pretty useful, and I really enjoy watching them because I still consider myself a novice runner. We can learn valuable things … Continue reading