My Transformation

There’s a reason why I named my blog, “Confessions of a Reformed Wimp.”

My P90X results

Before P90X, “the Outdoors” to me was the distance between my car and the entrance to a store. I lived a sedentary life and sweat was a four-letter word not to be spoken in respectable company. I had not exercised for over a decade. I didn’t remember the last time I felt glistening beads of perspiration on my face. I was okay with this lifestyle because I didn’t consider myself fat. After the birth of my third child, however, I was struggling with the weight I had gained. I also had no energy. I was embarrassed that I had become what was in my mind, a frumpy woman. I felt frustrated that I could no longer wear clothes that reflected my style. When I did buy clothes, I had to look far and wide to find pieces to camouflage the rolls and bulges. The worst part was that I had no idea how turn my life around. I began to accept that idea that frumpiness was going to be a new way of life.

One day my husband told me he had ordered a fitness program called P90X. He asked me to join him in the workouts. I agreed, but only because I was ready to try anything to get back my old self. Doing the P90X fit test delivered a major blow. My heart rate was worse than my mother who is in her 60s. I could not do a single pushup, even in the modified bent-knee position. Pull-ups? Forgetaboutit! In fact, I almost didn’t finish the fit test itself. I was officially the family wimp.

The first few weeks of P90X, I could barely get out of bed and climb a flights of stairs without cursing due to the soreness. I struggled to survive each workout without puking. I had to psyche myself up for each Plyometrics and YogaX day. I lived in fear of the DVD player.

To my complete surprise, however, I noticed my body adapting after 30 days. The soreness went away. I was able to do the modified pushups and increased my reps or weights in other exercises. I began to see visible results. I lost fat around my waist line! By the end of the 90 days, I went from a size 8 to a size 4. Despite these results, I didn’t slow down. I was only at the beginning of my journey to better health and fitness. The workouts were still hard for me, so there was more work to be done. I pushed myself harder to get better results. I was no longer content to have my old figure back. I understood that I could do even better than that. I had the tools, so why not?

One morning I decided to try walking around the hills in my neighborhood. Why was this such a big hurdle? Because I once thought all those people who I saw running, walking or riding up those hills were an amazingly different sort of human being. In my mind they had an ability that I never thought I could attain. My walks turned into long hikes. I started to do more “outdoorsy” things with my family, like camping and backcountry hiking at the national parks. For the first ever, jogging even entered my life. Being soaked in hard-earned sweat became the new norm. The wimpy old me would have never considered such activities. Yet there I was hiking at least 8-10 miles with a heavy backpack, and tent camping at Yosemite in 20 degree weather, amidst a snow storm. I’d proudly think to myself: “This was made possible because of P90X!”

I realized how powerfully P90X had changed my life when I hiked up to the summit of Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the lower 48 states.  I had literally and figuratively conquered a mountain.  My original goal was to look better.  That goal soon fell by the wayside when I realized that health and fitness was not about appearances, but a state of mind.  My new self is walking on different paths, and doing things that I used to think was not physically possible.  Skydiving, anyone?

I am still on this transformation journey where health and fitness is a way of life. Seeing my great results, many of my friends and even total strangers would ask me, “How did you do it?” The short answer is: Lots of hard work and perseverance. Through this blog, I’m going to share all the secrets I discovered that enabled me to transform my mind, body, and spirit. There are no shortcuts or gimmicks, but with simple changes, you too can achieve your goals. I don’t have anymore stamina, determination, or willpower than the next person.  Really, I was as wimpy as any human could be without being an invertebrate, so if I can transform myself, anybody can achieve the same results.

4 Responses to My Transformation

  1. erin says:

    I still can’t believe it! I never thought you looked bad but now you look amazing; younger, happier and definitely healthier!! =) GO YOU!!

    • Jade Nuyen says:

      Thank you Erin!! : ). It’s a combination of working out consistently with a great program, eating clean, and Shakeology which was the ultimate game changer for me. My only regret is not having tried it earlier on! Now pushing for those ripped abs! Only a matter time & doing consistently. You will get there sooner than you think!! Keep up the good job!

      • Joan says:

        I have the same thoughts as your beginning fears. I work out and within a month I’m back to being lazy bc I haven’t seen any results…I keep giving up and I don’t want to! How can I get my mind right and keep it there.. I would love to get my body back. Please help.
        Distressed Joan

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